Smaller than Small

Tiny micro-small independent businesses often are too small to benefit from “pro-business” policies and programs. These businesses add community character even if they aren’t economic engines.


How Facebook Works

Mark Zuckerburg knows that you live in Oak Park; like kittens, pictures of newly remodeled kitchens and yoga; and follow social justice causes.  Using that information, he can create targeted ads aligned to your interests that will appear in your Facebook feed. So can I. Rest assured that I don’t know it is you and…

Poaster Helps You Shop Local and Save

It’s here! Poaster is ready for prime time. This Friday, residents will start seeing advertisements on social media, email and print for this new “shop local” app. For a resident consumer, Poaster allows you to connect with local businesses and save money. Using an app on your smartphone, the Poaster website or even through Facebook,…