Not Every Problem Has a Villain

Businesses close for reasons usually related to profitability. While tempting to assign blame or to suggest mismanagement, cost structure is often the “villain.”


Smaller than Small

Tiny micro-small independent businesses often are too small to benefit from “pro-business” policies and programs. These businesses add community character even if they aren’t economic engines.

Local Economies Should Make the Short List

A consultant listed four of the most pressing issues in our community:  education, housing, food security and transportation. Because people do not have equitable access to these four intrinsic needs, he said, people’s access to livelihood, opportunity and quality of life are threatened. Yet missing from this list of top things we were to care…

Developing a Bigger Pie

“That caye is a private island.  Norwegian Cruise Lines purchased it to create their own exclusive port for their cruise ship passengers,” our tour guide said with contempt. It seems Belize wrestles with many of the same development debates I was hoping to escape for a few days as my family vacationed in this beautiful…

Organic Growth vs Intentional Development

Saturday morning’s iGov session was a gift to those of us wishing we were still in grad school:  a somewhat academic but intriguing overview of urban planning, values-based economic development and the role of community engagement in designing plans and strategies to direct growth, investment and density.  The workshop provided both context and commentary on…