Own Your Data

google screen shot

Have you googled yourself lately?

After turning the clock forward and testing the batteries in your smoke alarm, you might want to check your online data.  Like anything, your business information needs maintenance.  Reviewing and updating it as needed twice a year is good practice.

Your data gets stale without you even realizing it.  That little tweak you made to your operating hours? The flashy new logo you just unveiled?  There are so many sites and directories you need to manage to ensure your customers will find you and recognize you.

Back in the day, you fixed stationery, maybe the sign in the window and the company brochure when you changed something.  Now, you also need to manage your website, online directories and all social media sites.  You may not use Google +, Yelp or Angie’s List. But your business is listed in many of them.

You likely belong to organizations that have directories, both print and online.  Know when those member directories go to print and take a moment to verify your information.  I might prefer to leave as is that photo of a younger me in the Rotary directory, but it does me no good at all to list an old, inaccurate phone number.

At the Chamber, we pride ourselves on having the largest business to business network in town and helping professionals build connections.  However, the network is equal parts human interaction and digital information.  Our online directory, our annual printed directory in the Answer Book and our ability to reach and communicate with members all depend on accurate data.

Yet, we don’t own the data.  You do.  Oversight of your listing is up to you.  We provide online tools to manage your public profile.  If you are not sure how to use them, attend our monthly Chamber 101 class or give us a call and we’ll guide you.

A more enjoyable option: Drop by the Wednesday Journal’s Answer Book kick-off party at Autobarn Volvo this Wednesday.  We will be there to help members update Chamber business listings.  The printed directory goes to press soon, so make sure your data is correct.

This blog post also appeared on www.oakpark.com on March 14, 2016




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