Oak Park Considers Higher Outdoor Dining Permit Fees

At the November 18, 2015 Oak Park Business Association Council (BAC) meeting at Village Hall, staff informed business representatives assembled that the Village is considering increasing the permit fees for commercial outdoor dining on the public way.

The current annual fee structure is $50 plus $0.50 (fifty cents) per square foot of sidewalk space used.  The Village is proposing increasing those fees to $100 plus $3.00 (three dollars) per square foot of sidewalk space used.

Staff indicated that additional maintenance expense is one of the drivers of the proposed increase.

Village Trustees will vote on the new fee structure as part of the 2016 budget at its Board meeting on Monday, December 7.  Anyone wishing to provide input before the vote can contact Loretta Daly and Tammie Grossman in the Department of Development Customer Services at Village Hall or the trustees directly.  Or, feel free to email the Chamber of Commerce by November 30 and we will compile your feedback and present to the Village.



Chamber of Commerce:

Cathy Yen cyen@oprfchamber.org


Village Staff Department of Development Customer Services:

Tammie Grossman tgrossman@oak-park.us

Loretta Daly ldaly@oak-park.us


Elected Officials:

Village of Oak Park Board of Trustees board@oak-park.us


This information was previously posted on the Chamber’s website as a News Release.  Click here.


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