Oak Park Round Up – May 31, 2015

OP Village Hall 1 Some important business-related updates culled from the Village of Oak Park website at the end of May, 2015 by the Chamber’s Business Advocacy Committee:

  • A Resolution Approving an Increase to the Letter of Credit with PNC Bank from $9,500,000 to $10,000,000 for the Construction of the Public Portion of the Parking Garage at 150 Forest Avenue and Increasing the Project Budget by $100,000
  • Motion to consent to the Village President’s Appointment of: Building Codes Advisory Commission – Tim Kelly, Appoint as Chair Citizen Police Oversight Committee – Josh Luttig, Appoint as Member Civic Information Systems Commission – Blagica Bottigliero, Appoint as Member Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee – Catherine Bendowitz, Appoint as Member Community Relations Commission – Donna Brown, Appoint as Member Disability Access Commission – Erica Henry, Reappoint as Member Disability Access Commission – Kathleen Yannias, Appoint as Member Housing Programs Advisory Committee – Debby Macey, Appoint as Member Plan Commission – Monica Sanders, Appoint as Member Public Art Advisory Commission – William Greffin, Appoint as Chair Transportation Commission – Michael Stewart, Reappoint as Member
  • A Ordinance Declaring Surplus Revenue in the Village of Oak Park Downtown Tax Increment Finance District Special Tax Allocation Fund for the 2013 Tax Year and Authorizing the Payment of that Surplus Revenue to the Cook County Treasurer for the Distribution to Affected Tax Districts in a Pro-Rate Basis
  • Resolution appointing Village Trustee Adam Salzman as Local Liquor Control Commissioner was approved.

For more information, visit the Village of Oak Park’s website at http://www.oak-park.us

If you have questions, concerns or input and want the Chamber’s assistance in contacting our local government, please email Cathy Yen, Executive Director Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce at cyen@oprfchamber.org .


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