Oak Park Roundup – April 30, 2015

A monthly roundup of information relevant to businesses found on the Village of Oak Park’s website.  Curated by the OPRF Chamber’s Business Advocacy Committee and prepared in advance of the monthly Board meeting.

1) Ordinance Establishing the Annual Building and Construction Permit Fees and Zoning Application Fees of the Village of Oak Park.


2)  Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) Update and Discussion: Utility Crossings, Drainage, Bridge Sidewalk and Road Widths


3) Discussion regarding the Madison TIF Increment Funds and Redevelopment of Madison Street.


4) An Ordinance Amending Chapter 3 (“Alcoholic Liquor Dealers”), Article 8 (“List of Licenses for Each License Class”), Section 3-8-1 (“Number of Licenses Permitted to be Issued Per License Class”) and Section 3-8-2 (“Licenses by Name and Address Per License”) of the Oak Park Village Code to Remove Certain Businesses.


5)  Motion Accepting the Village Manager’s Implementation Schedule related to the Recommendations of the Fair Housing Task Force.



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