Chamber to Discuss Business Climate at Oak Park IGOV Assembly

On May 9, 2015 Executive Director of the Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce Cathy Yen will present to the Oak Park Intergovernmental Advisory Group “IGOV.”  This advisory board comprises representatives from the six taxing bodies in Oak Park (Village of Oak Park, School District 200, School District 97, Library, Park District and Township) and meets regularly to learn about, discuss and collaborate on issues of import to the citizens of Oak Park.  The agenda on May 9 will focus on the tax burden and the business community.

Ms. Yen will be joined by Ali AlSaffar, the Oak Park Township Assessor, John Lawrence, VP Oak Park Area Association of Realtors and John Lynch, Director of the Oak Park Economic Development Council.Mr. AlSaffar will give a quantitative perspective on the tax burden while the other presenters will talk about opportunities and challenges for businesses in Oak Park.

Ms. Yen, Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Lynch were asked to prepare a presentation addressing five questions:  (1) What factors attract businesses to Oak Park, (2) what are the challenges to attracting businesses, (3) what are the obstacles to businesses thriving, (4) with which communities do we compete in attracting businesses and how do we compare and (5) what additional information can we share with the IGOV Assembly?

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Yen worked with the Board’s Advocacy Committee chaired by Kellie Scott and Jim Blaha to respond to the five questions.  The team created the attached presentation.  Chamber members are welcome to attend the meeting on May 9 as members of the public to hear the presentation delivered to the IGOV Assembly.  Click Here to See the Presentation

Chamber members interested in providing input in advance of the May 9 presentation should contact Cathy Yen at the Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce.

IGOV Mission Statement:  Through communication and a culture of collaboration, the members of IGOV seek to maximize the stewardship of tax dollars by identifying areas where expenses can be reduced, efficiencies of scale promoted, and processes created as a template for future taxing body collaboration.

The Oak Park River Forest Chamber of Commerce is a member-based organization  dedicated to the promotion of business and a healthy, vibrant local economy in the Oak Park, River Forest and surrounding communities.  For more information, visit 


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